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Strobot is a custom built lighting system developed by David Wilman at W Labs for creating eye catching GIFs and rich media content.
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Experimental / Art

David Wilman is a leading London Food and Still Life photographer by day and a technical wizard at night.

He developed Strobot to fill a gap in the market for creating bold campaign and social content both to further his own practice and also to add value to the brands he works with.

By moving light and shadow around a subject Strobot brings it to life, it is the prefect tool for upgrading social content to the next level.

Strobot allows the the creation of GIFs & high resolution stills ready for anything from web all the way up to large format printing for campaign.

Whilst the GIFs are the perfect accompaniment for any social campaign making it standout from the screen. Both assets are created at the same time from the same shoot to create the prefect harmony and cohesion between social and campaign. 

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